We make pizza
to open
the world!


Today, people are getting more and more withdrawn and detached. They don’t trust each other and they don’t trust the business. Customer expectations have never been lower. Most consumers are content with something passable and quick. They don’t seem to care.

We foster such values as trust and openness. We exceed expectation and bring new experience to customers.

We make pizza to open the world

We are up to make the world more open and we open it up for ourselves.


We want to make the moments when people eat pizza moments of joy. After all, pizza is food that brings joy! We do this with delicious pizza, a culture of trust, openness, and a desire to exceed expectations.

We create moments of joy through delicious food and sincere service

To make our guests happy, we have to not only meet their basic expectations but also pleasantly surprise them and create a “wow” effect. We want this feeling to arise when our customers enjoy pizza, spend time in a pizzeria, and even when they see our ads. That is what sets us apart from the competition.

Our formula is

basic expectations
wow effect
moment of joy

Key Values

Dodo Pizza is a multilayered brand. We have a number of overlapping audience groups, ideas, and interaction contexts. That’s why our message depends on the situation and the values that are relevant to the context. The values, the brand and the tone stay the same.


What’s the idea

The first concern of a customer about a new restaurant is the taste of food.

Our product is not just pizza taste but the taste remains the primary value that attracts people and makes them return.

Taste is crucial.

What do we do

We bother about ingredients and select the best suppliers. We never cut corners in terms of toppings.

We bother about storage rules and we are ruthless to toppings which don’t comply with our quality requirements.

We bother about dough. We are obsessively selective to dough ingredients and continuously improve our recipe. We do a sudoku puzzle of minutes, second, degrees, and grams. We build supply centers to ensure reliable conditions and maintain consistent dough quality with large production volumes.

We sell pizza that is fresh and hot. Our average delivery time is 34 minutes. Pizza slices from the display at the counter are on sale for 60 minutes. Then we write them off.

We bother about coffee. We select only 100% arabica. We control roasting and storage. We use high-tech coffee machines to make sure everything is OK.


What’s the idea

The product we make is not just pizza.

Delivery and the seats in the dining room are also a part of it. The product also includes the brand as a guarantor of quality.

All these things define sales.

Quality is crucial.

What do we do

Good pizza is the one that is hot and delicious.

Good menu is the one that caters to different tastes and all the items are available.

Good order placing is a user-friendly website and mobile app, minimal amount of steps, convenient payment, and an opportunity to track your order.

Good delivery service is fast, performed by friendly drivers, and doesn’t make mistakes in the order.

Good pizza store is clean and comfortable. It has enough seats for any company size. You meet smart and friendly cashiers who don’t make you wait for too long. And the kids have a place to play.

Standards. All our quality requirements are described by instructions and standards.

Dodo IS provides exhaustive data that allow to act on time, identify problems and find solutions.


What’s the idea

Openness is:

Our philosophy. We think that openness will make the world better. To open up means to trust, believe in people and their good intentions.

Our need. We are not afraid of criticism. We are not phobic or paranoid. We are happy to share.

Our communication style. We don’t conceal fails and share financial details. It endears people make them trust us.

Our quality control. Anyone can come to the kitchen and check if we observe our standards.

Our driver of improvement. Transparency brings us hints insights, and inspirations.

Openness is crucial.

What do we do

Open kitchen

Glass walls. All the process is in plain sight.

Kitchen tours. Anyone can come to the store, put on a gown and a hat and we will show them around the kitchen.

Web-cameras. Anyone can see a live-stream from any store on our website.

Public control

Mystery shoppers. There are no hirelings among them. It’s a secret society which includes thousands of our loyal customers. They are honest and incorruptible.

Inspectors. We select them from our customers and vest with authority.

Ratings. Inspections result in quality ratings that are updated every week. They are available for all partners. And they can they can lose the store if the scores are low.

Transparent business

Director’s day. On this day, store managers and franchisees put on uniforms and help their crew to see the business from the inside.

Live weekly meetings. Every week we live-stream corporate meetings. Head office managers give short presentations about the news, achievements and plans of the company. Everything is available online.

Financial reporting. We openly post our financial results: revenue and costs, gains and losses.


What’s the idea

For us it’s:

Consciousness of power. We trust people because we are confident of ourselves, our actions, our product, and our beliefs. We are not obsessed with control because we are strong. We don’t build walls, we broaden horizons.

Our way to address the world. We are not going to impose standards, we want to make a difference and learn at the same time.

Vision of the future. We are planning a long game. And in the long run, trust is a big asset and competitive advantage.

Trust is crucial.

What do we do
We trust customers

We promise to deliver on time. And the customers decide themselves if we are late or not. We trust their words.

We give a birthday discount without checking ID.

If a guest accidentally spills their coffee, we give them another one for free and won’t ask questions.

If a customer complains, we don’t argue. We appriciate feedback, correct our mistakes.

We trust partners

Our new franchisees get access to all the information without signatures.

We trust partners’ opinion. New formats, unusual situations, new products, and initiatives.

We trust the world

We don’t embellish facts. We admit mistakes. We accept criticism with gratitude.


What’s the idea

People need openness and trust to bring them together.

We create environment in which people would get less indifferent and withdrawn, more integrated and open to each other.

Community is even more crucial.

What do we do
Product that unites people

People do not eat pizza alone that often. Usually, they enjoy it with their partner, family, or friends.

Place that unites people

Guests usually come to our stores in couples and groups. The atmosphere in the store encourages people to communicate and make friends. Even if don’t socialise, they can just be around nice people.

Brand that unites people

Dodo Pizza is a friendly brand. We are easy-going, curious, and nice. With us, you don’t need to pretend. Just be yourself.


We look at the people who come to our stores, order delivery or communicate with us on the internet. We seem to know quite a lot about them. Dodo people are those who are interested in our story, who follow our news. The rest can be divided into several categories depending on their interest and loyalty.

Dodo people

Dodo Pizza is not just a pizza chain for them. They love and understand us and we love and understand them better than any other company. They often join the company to be be a part of this big story.

They are young and energetic. They are creators and communicators. They want recognition and seek to fulfill their potential. They are knowledgeable in new technologies, curious and socially active.

Profit matters for them but they are more likely to look for an opportunity to earn rather than to economize. Our chain provides them with an escape from routine, encourage them to spend more time on things they like. They need us because they want to share us with others. They appreciate our inventiveness and creativity.

Those who care

This is the largest group. It includes quite different people united by one common feature — they do care. What to eat, where to live, what to do, what to look like and whom to talk to. They care for friends and family. They are not indifferent in the broadest sense of the word.

Students. They are communication fans , they are a bit chaotic but very open-minded and loyal.

They appreciate comfortable atmosphere and independence from adults. They love to be associated with something great and meaningful.

They look for something that is open, associated with youth and easy to get.

Loners. They are quite different people. They usually order pizza as a usual meal when they get bored with their food routine or when they are too tired to cook.

Mature professionals. They are attentive and rational, not very loyal.

They appreciate the taste. They prefer stable menu and predictable service.

What they don’t want is a surprise. Reliability and safety are their highest priorities.

Young couples. They come to the store or order delivery to escape from the routine and give their evening a sense of occasion.

Friendly staff and customer focus appeal to them most.

Families with children. They are positive, unfocused, demanding and loyal. They usually come to escape from the Hedgehound Day, and the anxiety of the week days.

They appreciate comfortable atmosphere, safety and an opportunity to relax.

Retired people with grandchildren. Attentive, demanding, not very loyal.

With them, we use our most clear and simple language. We are friendly and honest.

Will the bird fly?

From the very start our story has been followed by thousands of young managers and entrepreneurs. They don’t necessarily order our pizza. They may even live in towns where Dodo Pizza hasn’t opened yet. However, they know about us and they are interested in our story.

A fan club of entrepreneurs. No matter whether they like us or not, they love talking about us in bars and kitchens. It is important to them that we keep our word and remain open.

Style Guide

Character and intonation

When creating any content, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is it about joy?

    Dodo Pizza always tries to surprise. Any contact with a brand should evoke positive emotions in a person. Aggressiveness, rivalry, hatred, violence are not about us.

  • Is this about Dodo Pizza?

    We do not speak out on any topic that comes up, but carefully analyze how it relates to the brand and how it helps to reveal our values.

  • Is it real?

    We are against any fakes, everything must be real.

  • This is clear?

    Within the framework of the chosen media channel, our message should be clear to the absolute majority. That is, the wider the audience, the simpler and more versatile you need to be.

Dodo's tone of voice should always remain lively, natural, and friendly.

We are straightforward

We are sincere and speak without formal “correct” and “appropriate” words.

We do not violate personal boundaries

We do not meddle, do not impose an opinion, and do not speak in an ingratiating or condescending tone.

Self-irony is one of our important traits

We love to joke, but we try not to offend anyone and never forget to laugh at ourselves.

We speak to a large audience as if it is someone we trust.


The brand name — Dodo Pizza — should be used without quotation marks.

Both words should should be capitalized.


We work at “Dodo pizza”


We work at Dodo Pizza

When addressing the audience use We

Our customers in stores should be called guests.


I’ll try to help you

Customers love our coffee


We’ll try to help you

Our guests love our coffee


Capitalize product and holiday names and names of organisations. No quotation marks.


We have improved “ranch pizza”

Merry christmas!

We have improved Ranch pizza

Merry Christmas!

Avoid using strong words like “wrong”, “forbidden”, etc.


Tearing lettuce leaves with hands is forbidden.


Don’t tear lettuce leaves with hands.


Use Emoji only in social media

They shouldn’t substitute words.

They can’t be used as list markers

Use no more than three in a row

Or better yet don’t use them at all


🎉🎉🎉 Try our new Pepperoni 🍕 with jalapeno! 💣💥 It contains:

📌 Pepperoni

📌 Marinara sauce

📌 Mozzarella

📌 Oregano 🙌


Try our new Pepperoni with jalapeno! It contains pepperoni, marinara sauce, mozzarella, and oregano.


Marketing in social media

Social media are one of the key channels of our interaction with customers. We should keep in mind that you can delete a comment but you can’t delete a screenshot. It means that an evidence of our indifferent or crass response may stay in the net forever.

The main arenas of our SMM game are Facebook and Instagram. We also connect with people on Twitter, Vkontakte and on Tik Tok. The audience is pretty different there and the content should differ too.



Pictures of proper quality: light and clear.



No promotion of bad habits.




No sexual images.



Attach the logo only to those pictures that we have the rights for.



We don’t brand all visual content automatically. Don’t attache the logo if there is a branded object in the picture.


No mockups on Instagram — only live pictures and video.



Topics, occasions, cooperation




Politics, sex, violence, criminality, social issues, religion

Abusive jokes


Any other



Violations of brand style

Unadapted memes


Images, photos, stories, and video



Alcohol shops/bars

Hookah/vape shops/bars, tobacco shops

Night clubs

Sport centers with questionable reputation

Financial, legal services



Children development communities

Valanteer projects

Sport ceners with good reputation

Activity centers (trampooling, climbing, swimming pools, paintbal, etc.)

Cultural centers (theatres, cinemas, exibitions)

It doesn’t mean we cannot leave our menus in bars and deliver orders there. It means we will not advertise bars or hookah shops on our pages or do marketing together.




Religious holidays, except for Christmas or Easter

Events of limited audience (Perun day)

Alcoholic holidays (Beer day)

Military holidays (Navy day)

Days of mourning


Occasions associated with pizza

Serious or not serious events, inside events

User-generated content



We encourage our guests to create content about Dodo Pizza. Ask permission to publish every piece of content produced by users. Address the owner via social media message on behalf of the page. The answer received there is enough to authorize the publication.

If the user’s content doesn’t meet the brand style, adapt it.


There are additional rules for the website, mobile app, and advertising materials.


Don’t use emoji.


Pepperoni 🍕 with jalapeno! 💣💥: pepperoni, marinara sauce, mozzarella, oregano 🙌


Pepperoni with jalapeno: pepperoni, marinara sauce, mozzarella, and oregano.

Add only one adjective to the description.


Hot, spicy, mind blowing Pepperoni


Hot Pepperoni

Order of ingredients:

— key ingredients go first (meat, seafood, mushrooms);

— then the rest;

— cheese should be the second last ingredient;

— sauce, seasonings go at the end.


Marinara sauce, mozzarella, chicken, oregano, tomatoes, mushrooms, jalapeno, bell peppers, red onions


Chicken, tomatoes, mushrooms, jalapeno, bell peppers, red onions, mozzarella, marinara sauce, oregano


Tone of voice

Our character and values find embodiment in words, intonation and the right combination of frankness, honesty and care. Tone of voice reflects our culture uniting all contact points from TV ads and social media posts to communication with a cashier or delivery driver.


We avoid formal talks but keep a respectful distance.

At any contact point we are open and easy to understand. We are proud of our product but we don’t boast. Good quality speaks for itself.

We respect our customers and trust them.

We love jokes and we like laughing at ourselves because humour brings people together. But we always think ahead and try not to hurt feelings.


Our language is the most simple and comprehensible. It can explain anything to anybody from a five-year old kid to an eighty-year old lady. We tend to simplify things, not complicated them. And we avoid extremes. We watch our language and treat customers with the most respect. We like using modern words if they help express the idea better but we never cross the line of familiarity or vulgarity. Neither in texts nor in visual design.

Not Dodo

Dear Mr Ivanov! Let us notify you that the funds of 20,000 rubles, 00 kopecks have been transferred on your account. We ask you to address your local bank branch to receive the transfer.

Hello, Igor! Imagine your account is a pocket on your jacket. Have a look inside. Bingo! 500 Dodo-points. It’s your reward for your response on the survey. Have a nice day! :)

Enjoy our new fascinating coffee blend made of exclusive arabica beans. You will feel this tempting intensive taste that will fill you with energy for the entire day.

Taste our new coffee! We have changed the blend and roasting. It has made the taste and the aroma more intensive and much more delicious. Would you like one? Welcome to our store.

A new Dodo Pizza restaurant is opening its doors for dear guests. Indulge yourself in the comfort of sofas and tables made of natural materials.

On our menu you will see delicious traditional pizza with fluffy crust, various sides, light dodsters, hot and cold drinks. Right in the city center, 300 metres from Lenin square.

We are open! Hurrah! There is a new Dodo Pizza store right in the city center. It’s a family place with a playroom for kids.

Our menu includes salads, desserts, sides, and drinks. And - of course - pizza. Hot, fluffy with a crusty edge. Straight from the oven.

Not Dodo

What the heck is going on! Get out of here or I’ll call the police.

Could you stop making so much noise? You disturb other guests. If you don’t, I will have to call the security.

Sup, dude! Wanna grub? Call us, we’ll get it for you in less than an hour. Yeah!

Hello, friends. Do you need a quick pizza delivery. That’s us. Our driver will be at your door in less than an hour.

Have you checked out our new mind-blowing pizza?

Have you tried our new pizza yet?

Not Dodo
Not Dodo




Communication with customers always has a goal. Our tone and language let us meet this goal most clearly. If we cannot describe it with our language, this goal is of our values.

Feedback is the best indicator of how the tone works. It’s a common truth that people tend to imitate the tone of those they like. If our customers start to imitate our language and tone, it means our communication is a success.


Dodo Rounded is our brand font.



Observe the font size difference between the titles and the main text. For example, if the text is 12 points, the title should be 65% bigger — which is 19-20 points in this case.


Orange is the main color identity of the brand. Use orange backgrounds when you announce an important news. White is good for backgrounds and black is perfect for the main text.


255, 105, 0
Copy color
Color copied


Pantone 1505U, CMYK 0 75 95 0

Oracal (641/8300/8500 Series) 034 Orange

RAL 2003


0, 0, 0



CMYK 0 0 0 100

Oracal (641/8300/8500 Series) 070 Black


255, 255, 255



CMYK 0 0 0 0

Oracal (641/8300/8500 Series) 010 White


240, 25, 0
Copy color
Color copied


CMYK 0 75 95 0


55, 179, 74
Copy color
Color copied


CMYK 70 0 90 0


General design principles

When creating mockups, we follow a certain set of rules or, as we call it, principles. They slightly differ for each category, but there are a few common ones:

• When creating the mockups, we follow the anchor system: orange color, a set of branded icons, a font system, and a grid system.

• We love not overloaded, easy-to-read mockups: one medium — one message.

• We prefer emotional yet simple and understandable text.

• We create photos and illustrations with meaning, and we love when they have a twist.

• We use templates with a predetermined set of icons and a size grid.

Product mockups

To make it easier, we have divided the products into two categories.

Category A – new seasonal and revolutionary products:

• we emphasize the taste and quality of the product. We try to show taste through the name and specific recognizable images in the design;

• we put a tasty and delicious photo;

• we draw unique lettering;

• be sure to add some zest to the mockup;

• sometimes we break our own rules to do something unusual.

Category B – updated recipes, snacks, drinks, and desserts:

• we make a design based on a template, but sometimes we can deviate from this rule;

• we prefer bright and clear colors, but they don’t have to distract from the product;

• we show the quality and taste of the product with simple yet tasty photographs;

• we type the name using a brand font, although sometimes we allow ourselves to draw simple lettering.

Promotional mockups

There are three types:

• combo offers;

• promotional offers;

• partner promotions.

We create all of our promotional mockups based on the templates with a set of icons and a size grid. The elements in these sets are already resized and adapted to the format. It is something like a UI Kit for advertising mockups.

Combo offers:

• We create it based on the template.

• We make visually similar promotional mockups.

• We come up with a simple and clear title that reveals the benefits of the offer.

• We show the idea of "a lot for a little" through the number of products or the consumption situation.

• We show product quality through realistic and delicious photos.

• Mostly, we use orange color for the promotional mockups but play with textures to separate one advertising campaign from another.

• We use colors other than orange on the mockups when we understand that there will be different promotional offers on the advertising medium from different sides.


• We create them based on the template.

• We make promotional mockups visually similar to each other.

• We come up with a simple and clear title that reveals the benefits of the offer.

• We show product quality through realistic and delicious photos.

• Mostly, we use orange color for the promotional mockups but play with textures to separate one advertising campaign from another.

• We use colors other than orange on the mockups when we understand that there will be a few different promotional offers on the same advertising medium.

Partner promotions:

• If these are giveaways and guaranteed gifts, we create a design based on a template.

• If there is something unique, we come up with a design from scratch.

• Sizes and formats for placing the partner's logo and design elements are not regulated - we find a solution for each case individually.


In drawings we stick to a uniform recognisable style. It appears in lines proportions and the mood.

We often picture people. They are random characters without a particular story. Nevertheless, they are definitely characteristic of our key audience. They are friendly, open and curious. These are not very detailed drawings and the characters often don’t have faces. However, particular significant features are carefully selected. Such as clothes, hairstyles, and accessory.

Sometimes we picture products or brand elements — pizzas, boxes, stickers or uniform. They are drawn in quite a casual manner but they are definitely recognisable.

Here are the key features of our drawings:



Too sharp angles, too round curves

Uneven, shivering lines

Smooth and gentle, reasonable tense lines



Uneven, shivering lines

Frequent breaks

Lines of variable width

Even lines of a regular width

Rare breaks


Colors and textures

Random bright, dirty

Noisy textures and shadings

Gradients of random colors

Primary brand colors, dark purple for background

Primary colors derivatives

Gradients from primary colors


Flecks and light spots

No glares and offsets

Different width of shifts, not obvious direction of light

Decorative, uneven, exaggerated

Aligned with the light, accurate, straight



Cartoon-like, geometric, realistic

Close to realistic, long limbs, фигура вмещает ~7,5 голов


Heads and Faces

Schematic, simple geometric shapes

Face outlines with hairstyles of different colors

Stylized faces, drawn with a perspective and real proportions

Eyes: rounded eyebrows, rounded upper eyelids, no lower eyelids, black pupils

Nose: nose bridge does not reach the eyebrows, neat rounded tip of the nose, slight curve hints at the presence of nostrils

Mouth: lip line, sometimes underlined lower lip, draw teeth if the mouth is open

We draw ears, beard, glasses, hats and accessories


We have prepared a small collection of illustrations — they can be used in any digital products and Dodo Pizza’s informational materials.

Illustrations bank